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Happy New Year!

Well, this is the last entry of 2002! Yeah, instead of being out partying, I’m sitting in front of the computer. I have no life. That’s why my new years resolution is to get one!

I just switced over to MT, and I’ve still got some debugging to do, so please ignore it if things look screwed-up for a while. My ‘puter time has been limited lately.

Only 15 more minutes until 2003! You know, I was hoping to either have a tax-break baby or the first baby of the new year, but it doesn’t look like either of those is going to happen 😦 Oh well.

I’m being rushed to get off of here. I promise that someday soon I will actually have something meaningful to write about…


One More Week

Yep, that’s right. Just one more week until my due date! I’m getting really excited now. My due date will probably come and go without a baby just like it did with Gracie. I’m betting I have it on January 11. I had Gracie six days after her due date. I’ve got to make an appointment with my doctor in the morning. I haven’t seen the OB in about 6 weeks because of all my insurance problems. Those are *finally* resolved, though. Praise God!

I got those date header issues fixed. It just hit me as to what the problem was while I was watcing t.v. last night. It’s wierd how things like that happen. I’m still going to change over to MT, just not today. From the looks of things, it’s going to take me a while to figure it out. I’m an idiot when it comes to stuff like that anyway.

Just one more observation before I go. I want a new keyboard. One that doesn’t make so much noise when I type. My brother is complaining about all the nosie I’m making. “You know,” he says, “If you type slower it wouldn’t make so much noise.” I’m sorry. There’s just no way I can type any slower. When you take all those computer classes in school, and then have a job that requires lots of typing, you get used to typing fast, and you just can’t quit. I think my brother is just looking for something to bitch about, though.

So Frustrating

I guess you can see that I’m trying out a new layout. It’s really pissing me off! Why can’t I get the date grouping header to work for all of the dates? It works for the first, but none of the rest. Some of the entries don’t have a divider between them, either. I can’t for the life of me figure out what I’m doing wrong. It’s worked every other time I’ve changed layouts! Also, my monthly archives for October and November have disappeared. Where did they go? I’m about fed up with this. I know I didn’t delete them, so how do they just disappear? I think I’m going to switch to Movable Type sometime in the next couple of days. Maybe that’ll fix everything. Who knows?

I am a boring person

I never have anything to write about. Either that, or I think of something really good to write, only to forget it by the time I get in front of the computer. I need to take a creative writing class or something.

Christmas was wonderful. I think Gracie got one of every toy that they make. At least it seems that way! She got up at 6:30 Christmas morning to open presents. I’ve never seen her so excited. She was shaking so badly she could barely open her gifts. Here are some pics:

I know everybody is getting really tired of hearing this, but I wish I’d have this baby NOW! I’ve been reading up on natural induction, and I think I’m going to go try some of these things in a little bit. Maybe one of them will work, but with my luck, probably not.

Merry Christmas!

I just wanted to wish anyone that may actually read this blog a Merry Christmas. I know that there aren’t many, but I love y’all anyway! I’ve got to go put Gracie to bed so Santa can come. Goodnight and Merry Christmas!


I’m all better now. My brother is gone now. He’s going camping, thank goodness. I may be able too keep my sanity in tact for just one more day.

I got all my shopping done yesterday. Let me tell you, Wal-Mart is a dangerous place this close to Christmas! Everybody is pushing and shoving and just plain rude. You’d think that people would try not to knock around an oviously very pregnant woman, but they just don’t care. I was so glad to get out of there!

They didn’t have any deep friers big enough for a turkey at Wal-Mart, so I ended up getting Dad and stepmom a toaster. I know it sounds like a really lame gift, but I think they’ll like it. My dad makes home-made bread a lot, and the slots in his toaster are too small to toast it. The one I bought them has slots big enough for bagles.

I had to buy my own present from Dad yesterday, too. He gave all of us $65 to go buy our present, but we have to wrap it and take it to their house to open on Christmas. I got two really cute pairs of jeans for only $50. They were on sale. I love sales! I figure it’s time to start buying me some non-maternity clothes. I only have two pairs of jeans left from my pre-pregnancy days. I left the rest of my clothes at Wayne’s when I moved out, and now Daphne wears them. I could make Wayne bring them all to me, but I don’t want them now. They’d just have slut funk all over them, and I’d have to burn them.

But anyway… I’m trying to build up my wardrobe. I want to look nice again after the baby is born. I hate to admit it, but I’ve just let myself go lately. I haven’t worn makeup since who knows when, and I hardly ever wear my hair down. I don’t really feel like fixing myself up. But all that is going to change! I may even go on a diet after the baby is born. Yeah, right. Given my history, there’s no way I’d be able to stick to it. But I can try!

Today *was* peaceful

Until my brother came home. Ever since he walked through the door he’s been making wise-ass comments about me and putting me down. I can’t handle it anymore. I’m sitting here crying right now because he won’t leave me alone. All I did was ask him what happened to his boot. (He came in with his boot duct taped…wouldn’t anybody want to know?) Then he says “What happened to your face? It looks like Chris shaved his dog’s ass and stuck it on your head. Sorry to talk about your dog like that, Chris.” Then he gets pissed because theres no ketchup and starts bitching at me. I don’t even eat ketchup. “No, you just suck it off Wayne’s dick,” he says. What the fuck? Why does he have to bring Wayne into everything? And that’s not even the worst of the stuff. If he doesn’t shut up, I’m going to go shut him up. I’m fed up with his shit. I don’t know what his problem is, but he obviously feels the need to make me feel like I’m about 2 inches tall here lately. He says he can’t stand me because I’m always here. Hello…I live here! Yeah, I have a car, but I can’t go anywhere in it unless I want to drive backwards. I get out when I can. It’s not my fault he doesn’t have a vehicle anymore. He’s the dumbass who sold his truck and spent all of the money on drugs. If he’d get a job he could buy a car, but he’s too fucking lazy. And at least I can get laid. Ole dumbass is almost 19 years old and has never had any pussy in his life. Never even had a girlfriend. Doesn’t even have friends that are girls. Wouldn’t that make you wonder about him?

Oh look at that. I’m so pissed off I haven’t even done any paragraph breaks. I need to take a walk or something before I explode.