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so far so good

I always thought that life with two kids would be a lot harder than this. I thought I couldn’t
handle it, and I’d go crazy and shoot myself. That still might happen, but things are great for now.

Arien is a very calm baby. She cried for the entire first hour of her life, so I thought that
she’d cry all the time. Glad I was wrong about that. I also thought that Gracie would be
insanely jealous of Arien, but she absolutely adores her. She’s my “super hero helper”.
I’ve never seen a kid love their little sister so much.


It’s a Girl!

Arien Elisabeth Turner arrived on January 8 at 1:38 pm. She weighed 6lbs 5oz and was
19 3/4 inches long. We had some issues during labor with her heart rate dropping. It would
go really low (in the 80s) with every contraction. It turned out that she had the cord
wrapped once around her neck and once around her body. Other than that, she was
perfectly healthy. Her apgar scores were 9 and 9.

We came home yesterday, and we’re both
doing fine. You can see a picture of her here.
It’s so good to be home!


Yes, this will definately be the last post for a couple of days. I’m going in for my induction at midnight tonight. I’m so relieved that this is finally it! I’ll be back in a couple of days with a new baby and plenty of new pictures for the photolog.

would you look at that

I’m in four people’s blogrolls.
Amazing, huh?

thanks a lot, Mark

Why is it that when you really need to sleep, you just can’t? I’ve been up for quite a while now.
and it’s still early. I guess there’s nothing like the sound of your brother tearing the house down
to get ready to go hunting to get you going in the morning. I should’ve taken his gun away
and shot him before he could leave. Why does he need to go hunting anyway? He knows he’s
not going to kill anything. He never does. Unless you count all the poor, unsuspecting birds he
shoots just for the hell of it.

home stretch

I have what could be my final OB appointment in the morning. From the way she talked
last week, I could be getting induced tomorrow. Oh, I hope so! I’m so tired of being pregnant
(there I go whining again), and this baby should’ve been here yesterday. For some reason,
I figured I’d go early with this one. I’m used to being wrong, though. And even if I don’t
get induced tomorrow, I’ll still find out when I’m going to be. It will definately be sometime this week.
I’m looking forward to my ultrasound tomorrow. Hopefully they will be able to tell
if it’s a boy or a girl. I guess it won’t be so bad if they don’t though. I’ve waited this long, I can
wait a couple more days.

Like the new layout? I’m not sure if I do. I wanted something
to do with babies, and these were just so cute. I found them here.
If anybody actually reads this, send some labor vibes my way! Here’s hoping that this is my last
post for a couple of days…

the wrong fucker

Gracie freaked me out yesterday. I was about to vacuum the livingroom floor, and I was pluging it tin. She looks at me and says “Stop it, mommy. You’re putting it in the wrong fucker!” I’m like “What?” She said “You’re fucking it up in the wrong fucker. It goes in that fucker over there.” It took me a minute to figure out that she was trying to say plug it up in the wrong plugger, but she had me freaking for a minute. I thought that she’d developed a foul mouth all of a sudden! I just hope she doesn’t make the “fucker” mistake in front of my dad or stepmom. They’d have a heart attack.