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since I’m going to hell…

…here’s how I’m going to get there.

take the death quiz.

Don’t worry, I’m not really going to commit suicide. At least not today!


the 5th level

I found this over at Tracy’s. I don’t think I’ve lived a cruel, vindictive, and hateful life. Well, at least not all the time.
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We had an earthquake, and I slept right through it. I really wish I had experienced that!

It happened around 4:00 Central time, but I didn’t get up until 5. My mom got up when I did. She was talking about waking up and hearing a roaring sound and then feeling the house shaking. She said her first thought was that we were being bombed, then she thought Bridgeport blew up again (a town in AL, just south of us where a gas main exploded downtown). I thought she was just crazy. Sometimes I wake up shaking in the night and think it’s the house shaking, and that’s what I thought had happened to her.

Earthquakes never crossed my mom’s mind, but I thought about it. We turned on the tv, and sure enough, they were talking about it on the news. It happened just as the news was starting, and you could see the camera shaking.

Now, many people would say that such a small earthquake (4.9) is no big deal. But where I live, it doesn’t happen often. I’ve never been in an earthquake, and I would’ve loved to experienced that!

what a day

I’m so glad today is over with. It’s been one of those days that you’d shoot yourself in the head just to make it be over.

I had to take Gracie to the doctor. She’s had a rash in the back of her head, and she’s scratched it and got it infected. I almost didn’t have a way to get there. My stepdad wouldn’t let me drive that far (to Dunlap, 30 minutes away) in his car, and I didn’t want my mom to take me because I didn’t want to have to take Arien around all those sick people. My brother layed out of school, so I tried to get him to take us. Of course, he’s not going to do anything unless there’s some kind of drugs involved, so he wouldn’t do it. Then my cousin came over with his niece, and he let me take his car. But I had to take Paige too.

On the way up there, I noticed that the car was shaking badly. I think there’s a knot on the tire, but I’m not sure. My dad works about a block from the doctor’s office, so I stopped there to have him check it out. Wouldn’t you know he was at the other dealership in Lafayette. I prayed all the way home that the tire wouldn’t blow out.
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I’m actually happy today

I saw my best friend Jenny for the first time in a long time today. I didn’t realize how much I missed her. We haven’t seen eachother in such a long time because her husband doesn’t like me (don’t know why), and I didn’t want to cause any problems between the two of them, if you know what I mean.

I just happened to be at my dad’s today when she called (I lived there last time we talked). She came over, followed me to my house, and we went riding around before she had to go to work. She says she’s going to divorce her husband, but she’s got to find somewhere to live first. I know this may sound bad, but I really hope she divorces that asshole! I was hoping she wouldn’t marry him in the first place, but he’s her little girl’s dad, and I guess she just wanted her family together (kinda like I do).

So, since she can’t let her husband know she’s talking to me again, she’s going to call out of work Thursday night, and we’re going to go party. I just hope I can find a babysitter. I need a night out!


I saw this somewhere the other day, but I can’t remember where. I saved it to a text file so that I could do it later. So, here it is!

A – Act your age?
I think sometimes I act older than I am. I know I feel older than I am.
B – Born on what day of the week?
C – Chore you hate?
Washing dishes!
D – Dad’s name?
Joseph Doss Jr.
E – Essential makeup item?
F – Favorite actor?
Tommy Lee Jones
G – Gold or silver?
H – Hometown?
South Pittsburg, Tn
I – Instruments you play?
Alto sax, flute, and a little piano
J – Job title?
Warranty Administrator but most importantly Mother
K – Kids?
Two, Natalie Grace and Arien Elisabeth
L – Living arrangements?
Live with my mom, stepdad, brother and of course my two girls. I hope to change that soon.
M – Mom’s name?
Mary Magdeleine
N – Number of people you’ve slept with?
Less than my sister but more than my brother
O – Overnight hospital stays?
Three times. Having a baby (2) sleep apnea surgery (1) suicide attempt (1)
P – Phobia?
I’m deathly afraid of tornadoes. I get paranoid every time it starts thundering.
R – Religious affiliation?
Christian (Methodist)
S – Siblings?
1 brother (younger) 1 stepbrother (older) 3 stepsisters (2 older 1 younger)
T – Time you wake up?
Whenever the kids wake up
U – Unique habit?
Hmmm, not sure if I have one.
V – Vegetable you refuse to eat?
Tomatoes (raw ones, they’re ok if they’re cooked). I don’t even like to slice them, but Gracie loves them.
W- Worst habit?
Smoking. I’ve tried to quit, but I just can’t.
X – X-rays you’ve had?
Too many to count.
Y – Yummy food you make?
Fetuccini Alfredo
Z – Zodiac Sign?

late night phone call

I woke up at 4:30 this morning because the phone was ringing. Nobody ever calls here that early (or late, however you look at it), so I automatically thought there was something wrong. So I answer the phone, and the person on the other end says “Can you sneak out?” It took me a minute to realize that it was Waynie.

I’m 22 years old, I don’t know why he thinks that if I want to go somewhere I have to sneak out, but that’s beside the point. He said that he wanted to see me. He wanted to come and get me. He wouldn’t tell me why, but I had a pretty good idea. What does any man want when they call a woman at 4:30 am?
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