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still no news

I still haven’t heard anything about the domain password. I have no idea what I’m going to do about it. The new hosting company said there was a way to get a free month of hosting if we did one thing for them, so I figured that I’d be set for another month. Well, I found out what that thing was last night. We have to put a credit card number into their billing system. I don’t think so! I use my dad’s credit card to pay when I’m late on sending the check, but I’m not going to put it in there permanently. It sounds to me like they have an ulterior motive.

I thought about leaving my opinion on the new company in their forum, but somebody beat me to it.

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I should be doing something else

But I’ve been catching up on all the blogs I’ve been neglecting lately. I found these quizzes over at Busy Mom’s, and I just had to take them. I love quizzes 😀

What rating is your journal?

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Which random phallic object are you?
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swing swing

Gracie is supposed to be getting a swing set tomorrow. Yay for her! She’s been saving for one for a long time. I’m not sure exactly how much money she’d saved, because every time we went to put more money in her jar, the money she already had in there was gone. My mom borrowed it. She probably saved about $50, though. The swing set cost $80, so I guess my mom is paying her back with interest.

She got a paint set today, and she’s been painting up a storm. Our refrigerator is covered in her masterpieces. She and I did a painting of her daddy. It’s a little head with giant ears.:)) I can’t wait to see Wayne’s reaction to that! He’s very sensitive about his ears.

this is starting to suck

This hosting company, I mean. That’s why I’m cancelling my account with them. I already have an account with another company, and everything but this site is there. This account expires Monday, so I guess I need to get moving!

Just one problem, though. This domain is registerd through them, and I never got a password to change everything. I opened a support ticket, but I haven’t gotten word yet. The sucky support is the reason I’m leaving, actually. Service was so good under the old owners! Don’t you just hate it when things change?

sorry, wrong number

Some lady called here at 7:00 this morning. I have no idea who it was. She wanted to talk to Ruby (whoever that is..), and wouldn’t believe me when I told her that no one by that name lived here!

Me: Hello?
Lady: Let me talk to Ruby.
Me: Who?
Lady: Ruby!
Me: Ummm, nobody by that name lives here.
Lady: Yeah, right. Now let me talk to her, I’ve got to ask here something about work.
Me: Nobody named Ruby lives here!
Lady: *click*

She’s called back 3 times since then. I think she thinks that she’s got the right number, but nobody wants to talk to her or something. She is rude, too! Why do people have to be like that? Maybe she’s got huge fingers and can’t dial the phone right. I don’t know.


Gracie is still obsessed with cheerleading. She made up her own cheer, even. She was showing it to one of my brother’s friends, and the asshole told her that she wouldn’t ever be able to be a cheerleader. He said she was too fat! I don’t think I’ve ever wanted to hurt someone so bad in my entire life.

Gracie isn’t even 4 yet, and she’s already getting self-concious about her body. That is just so wrong. So what if she’s a little chubby? She’s just a little kid! She never had an ounce of fat on her body until recently. She’s just making up for not having any baby fat. I do realize that she’s a bit hefty, so I’ve cut her back on snacks and chocolate milk.

It seems people are always making comments about her weight lately. Take my cousin, for instance. She talks about how Gracie is fatter than her kid the same age. Well, I’d be willing to bet that when both of them grow up, Gracie is going to be the smaller of the two. I was always fatter and shorter than my cousin when we were growing up. Now I’m taller and smaller. She’s just jealous.


My computer is in my brother’s bedroom (since I don’t have one), so I’m in here a lot. You wouldn’t believe how nasty it is in here! I don’t think he ever throws anything away. There are McDonald’s drink cups everywhere. Chip bags, Coke cans, food wrappers, and anything else you could possibly imagine. I swear, it looks like a garbage dump. He doesn’t even bother to put his clean clothes up when he washes them, and they are in the floor, too.

I’m so sick of looking at this! I’m about to start cleaning. I’m throwing everything in the floor away. Clothes and all. Maybe that’ll motivate him to get off his ass and pick his stuff up! He’s at work until 6 in the morning, so when he comes home, he’ll be in for a shock.