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When did that happen?

There is a little trailer around the corner from my house. It had been empty for a while, but a couple of people moved in recently. I drive by that trailer every day. I can see it from my back porch.

On my way to work this morning, I noticed that the trailer has burned. There is nothing left but the framing on over half of it. I know for a fact that it was fine yesterday, because I remember seeing the people that live there out in the yard. It must’ve caught on fire some time last night.

How did I miss that? The trailer is basically in my back yard. I didn’t hear sirens or anything last night, and neither did anyone else in this house. I must’ve been sleeping like a rock. That unusual for me, though. I’m a light sleeper because I have to be able to wake up when I hear the girls.


Kids Say the Darnedest Things

Gracie is hilarious sometimes. She says things I don’t expect her too. Like today, she and my stepdad were sitting on the tailgate of his truck. Everytime Gracie moved, the truck made a noise. She kept moving and making the noise. I guess she was trying to figure out why it was doing that, because after a few minutes, she looked up and said, “Papaw, I know why it’s making that noise. It’s because I’ve got a big ass.”

That cracked me up. I never expected her to say something like that, because she never uses words like that. She knows she’s not supposed to talk like that. I didn’t get onto her about it, though, becuase she was sorry right after she said it. She’s been worried that God is mad at her since she let that slip.

Gracie worrying about God being mad at her reminds me of something else she said. On Thursday nights while I’m in class, the Girls go to church with my dad and stepmom. My dad has two churches in his charge, so he has Bible study at the smaller of the two on Thursday nights, and at the larger one on Wednesdays. He just got moved to this charge in June, and was at another church for the past three years.

When I was at my Dad’s house today, my stepmom told me something Gracie had said when they were on their way to church Thursday night. She said, “Why can’t we go to the bitty church? Why do we always have to go to this big one?” She was talking about Whiteside UMC, the church my dad just moved from. I think I should take her back there to visit everyone. I don’t know if they still have Thursday night service since my dad left, though. They didn’t have it before he came.

Oh Boy

As if crawling wasn’t enough, Arien is now officially cruising. She started off going around her crib, but now she’s all over the house. Nothing is safe anymore.

She learned a new word, too. If I put her in her crib or her exersaucer, she’ll hold up her arms and say “out”. If I ignore her, she keeps saying it louder. That kid just doesn’t like to be confined. I spend a good part of my time (when I’m not at work or school) chasing her down. She wants to be anywhere other than where I put her. Her current favorite place to go is behind furniture.

Gracie is becoming a mama’s baby again. She used to be really attached to me, but when we moved in with my mom, she started being a Nana’s baby. But since I’ve started school, she’s all over me. When I leave, she cries worse than Arien does. I guess it’s because I’m gone so much. I’m either at school or at work until about 8 p.m., and she misses me. I miss them when I’m gone too, but I know that going back to school was the best thing for all of us.


They found my sister. I’m not sure what was going on, and I’m not going to say anymore about it. My little sister called and told me they’d found her, but she wouldn’t say anything else. I get the feeling that she doesn’t like talking to me sometimes.

prayer request

To anyone who reads this: Please pray for my sister, Quneta. My younger sister just called and told me that she has been missing since yesterday. Please pray for her safe return.

I haven’t forgotten

About this blog, I mean. Really, I haven’t. I’m just a lot busier than I used to be. I’ve had a ton of schoolwork lately, and tonight is the first night I’ve had time.

Arien has finally started crawling, and she’s wearing me out. As soon as I put her in the floor, she heads straight for somewhere she’s not supposed to be. She wants to go exploring behind the couch so bad she can’t stand it. She follows me around the house, too. If I go into another room, I don’t have to pick her up and carry her with me because she crawls right behind me. It’s kinda like having a puppy, a chubby blond puppy with a knack for finding anything that the vacuum didn’t pick up.

I think Gracie is coming down with something. She woke up a while ago and said she was sick. I took her temperature, and it’s 100.3. Maybe she’s just getting a cold.

I think I hear Arien waking up now. That kid just doesn’t sleep good anymore.


The girls are at their Dad’s. They should be home sometime within the next half hour. I’ll be glad when they get here, because I’m bored to tears right now.

The people where Wayne works told him I called. He said “It ain’t none of your damn business where I live or where I take the kids. They’re my kids.”

I was quick to correct him on that one. I have talked to both the lady at the child support office, and a friend of mine who is an attorney, and they both told me that he has to tell me where he lives, and where he takes my girls. They’re my girls. I have sole custody. All Wayne has is vistation rights, and I don’t have to let him take them unless he tells me exactly where he lives. He hasn’t done that yet, though. When I asked him, all he said was, “Alabama”.

I know exactly where he lives, but that’s beside the point. He needs to tell me. He wanted us to be friends, but how can I be friends with someone who keeps things that I should know from me? I tried being nice to him, and this is what I get. So, the bitchy ex-girlfriend/babies’ mama has returned.