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Bad day… again

I’m so glad today is over, and I’m even more glad that I don’t have to work tomorrow! It’s just been one of those days. It started out bad (I came soooo close to choking one of my coworkers!), and only got worse as the day wore on (I came equally close to choking a couple of customers!).I’m so sick of people it’s not even funny. I hate having to be nice to rude customers. It’s really hard to smile when I’d much rather bitch slap somebody. Yesterday, I was working drive-thru (that’s no big surprise, I always work drive-thru, even though I can do everything), and these two girls came through. Their order totaled $4.80, and though I could see a couple of smaller bills in the girls hand, she paid me with at $100 bill. It was pretty early in the day, and I didn’t have enough money in my drawer to make change, so we had to get it out of the safe. I made sure they knew it would be a minute on their change, and I went ahead and gave them their food. They drove off without their change. I tried to stop them, but they weren’t paying any attention to me. An hour later, they still hadn’t come back, and the district manager called and said they had called him and told him that I kept their change. My manager explained to him that they drove off without it, and I had told them that it would be a second, so I didn’t get in trouble, but that pissed me off! Why did they have to go and call him? Why didn’t they just come back? And why did they have to be rude when they finally did come back? It wasn’t my fault they drove off without their change! That’s just one example in a long list that will probably get even longer. If customers realized all of the bullshit that people in the fast food industry have to put up with, they might be a little bit nicer. Nah, it’ll never happen.


I’ll regret this tomorrow

It’s almost midnight. I meant to go to bed about an hour ago, but I just couldn’t pull myself away from the computer. I still have to take a shower and put some sheets on my bed before I go to sleep. Six o’clock comes way too early in the morning, and I’ve wanted to go back to bed since I got up at 6 this morning, so I’m looking forward to a rough day tomorrow. I just realized that I need to do some serious updating to my reading list. I’ve read 7 books since that last one I posted (All R.A. Salvatore, by the way. He rocks!). Great. Now that’s going to annoy me until I actually get around to doing it.

Dude, I got a Dell!

I’m back! Did ya miss me?No, nothing’s been wrong, I’ve just had problems getting to a computer. I can’t get online until my kids are asleep, and my dad’s computer is in his room, and they go to bed early, and, well, you get the picture. We’ve got that problem solved now, though (*doing happy dance*)! We’ve got a laptop and a wireless network, so I can blog all night if I want to from anywhere in the house. Things are pretty much the same around here. We still live with my dad, I still work at Arby’s, and my kids are, well, spoiled rotten! Arien has started talking in sentences. The first complete sentence she ever used was “I want a piece of cheese!”, and she hasn’t shut up since. And she can’t be still! She climbs on anything and everything, and even if she falls down, she gets back up and does it again (screaming the whole time, of course)! Gracie is getting excited about Kindergarten all ready. Every morning she asks me if it’s time for her to go to big school yet. I still can’t believe she’ll be starting school this year. She’s growing up entirely too fast for me! My mom is doing great. She just finished radiation and her first round of chemo. She’ll start her next round of chemo in 2 weeks. Hopefully she’ll continue to do well.I guess that’s about it for tonight! I’m off to catch up on reading some blogs now. And I promise to update more often now!