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My three dogs

Everyone here is in bed (myself included. I love this laptop!), and it is really quiet. The dogs aren’t even barking at the moment, but just a few minutes ago, they were barking loud enough to wake the dead. It might be just my imagination, but I think there was someone in our yard. I thought I heard someone outside say my name, then the dogs started barking. I looked out, but the only thing I saw was Big Dog (yes, that’s his name) standing in the yard. I’m probably just going crazy.Big Dog isn’t really our dog. Actually, I’m not sure who he belongs to. I’ve seen him at almost every house around here at one time or another, so I guess you could say he’s the community dog. He first showed up here about 2 or 3 three years ago, and he’s been here ever since. Before he showed up, we used to have a lot of stuff come up missing -bicycles, a tool box, and even our basketball goal (ripped right off the side of the building)- but since he’s been here, all of that has stopped. We have two more dogs that are actually ours. Spike, an annoying little rat terrier, is our inside dog. He’s a bigger baby than either of my kids. He’s supposed to be Gracie’s dog, but he is closer to Arien. She tortures him, and he loves it. He’ll nip at her when he’s had enough, but he’s only really bitten her once. She didn’t cry, though. She bit him back! And if he even thinks someone is trying to hurt her, he’s all over them!Our outside dog is Pup (don’t we just come up with the most creative names for our dogs?). He stays tied up in the back yard most of the time (it’s a big yard, and he has a long chain) because he likes garbage cans a bit too much. Other than that, he’s a pretty good dog. He loves riding in my dad’s truck, and he barks his head off if he thinks someone is about to go somewhere in it. Gracie is scared of him because he gets a little too excited and knocks her down, but he’d never hurt her. I just wish we had our yard fenced in so he wouldn’t have to stay tied up all of the time.



I’ve been reading a lot lately. Actually, I’ve been reading way too much. I don’t want to do anything but curl up with a good book, so I haven’t gotten much accomplished around here. I haven’t washed clothes, so I have nothing to wear tomorrow. My car is filled with junk and caked with dirt. My room looks like a disaster area.I’ve become even more useless than I was before (if that’s possible), and I’ve got to do something about it. No more books fore me! I declare this next week (starting tomorrow) a book free, finally-get-caught-up-on-stuff-I-need-to-do week. Let’s see how much I can get done, starting with going to bed right now, even though I really would love to stay up and finish reading this book.