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A word of advice

It is not wise to be a bitch to the person who prepares / serves your food. Just think of all the things said person could be doing to your food. It could’ve been spit on, dropped in the floor, touched by a hand that just scratched an ass, etc., and all because you were a bitch. So, be nice to people who work in the food service industry, especially when that person bends over backwards to be nice to you, but you’re still a bitch to her. And no, I have never done any of those things to a customer. I’ve thought about it, though. Some people just deserve it. Especially that lady who threw a bag full of curly fries at me today because she said they were cold. Those fries were not cold. As a matter of fact, I was taking them out of the fryer as I was taking her order. It wasn’t the fact that she wanted fresh fries that pissed me off, though. I can handle stuff like that, I’m used to it. It was the way she got all pissy and demanded fresh fries, and then threw her bag at me that pissed me off. She didn’t have to act like that. Man, I hate people sometimes!In other news, Gracie is going to be on television in the morning! She and 5 of her classmates are going to appear on a cable access school report show. I don’t know what the other kids’ lines are, but Gracie has to say “Richard Hardy Memorial School”, and they’re all going to sing the national anthem. I’m not going to get to see it, because she has to be there at 6:30, and I have to be at work at 7. If I had known about it a little earlier I could have taken off, but they didn’t send a note home about it until today, and there was no way I could get out of work. My step mom is taking her, and my dad is going to tape it for me, so I can watch it when I get home.


So tired

I feel so run down, so…blah. I know that it would probably be best for me to go to bed and get a little extra sleep, but I don’t want to. Why, I don’t know. I guess I’m afraid I’ll miss something. I really want to work on my little project that is quickly turning in to a big project, but I just can’t concentrate on anything. It has taken me 10 minutes just to write this much. My bed is calling my name, and I can’t ignore it much longer. I just wanted to write a quick update on Arien. I thought that her face would be bruised up and awful-looking, but she doesn’t look anywhere near as bad as I thought she would. She has a few scratches on her nose and forehead, but even those aren’t too bad. I’m so glad she’s okay.

concrete steps – hand rails + Arien = bad news

Arien took a tumble down the steps today – the concrete steps. She started down, lost her footing, fell forward, smacked her head on a step, slid on her face, then flipped over. I tried to get to her when I saw her start to fall, but Gracie was standing between me and the steps, and I would’ve had to throw her off the porch to get there in time. I was so scared that she was seriously hurt, but we were lucky this time.She cried for all of two minutes before she forgot about it. Except for the nasty bump on her forehead, and the scrape that runs from the bump all the way down her nose, she’s fine. Actually, I’m surprised this hasn’t happened before today. She’s always climbing up and down those steps, and there’s nothing for her to hold on to. I’m glad she’s okay, but I dread explaining the scrapes on her nose to people. Of course, with her, I’m always having to explain some kind of injury. She climbs on anything and everything, and falls off of whatever she’s climbing on more often than not.

And the teacher said…

I meant to post this last night, but I got so wrapped up in my little project that I forgot all about it. My meeting with Gracie’s teachers went well. They told me that she is a sweet little girl who always behaves. Oh yeah, she has them fooled big time! She is excellent in math, they told me, but she’s having problems recognizing certain letters. They gave me a list of the letters she doesn’t know, and told me that I needed to work with her the most on those. Yesterday evening, my brother quizzed her on those letters. He wrote them down (not in order, upper and lower case), and she named every one of them including the sounds they make. I now know why she couldn’t name those letters for her teachers – she didn’t want to. I should’ve known that. When I’m helping her with her homework, she’ll tell me she doesn’t know how to do something when I know good and well that she does. Anybody know how I can get her to stop doing that?

Best. Day. Ever.

Yeah, not really. I’m actually having a pretty shitty day, but maybe if I keep telling myself it’s good, it will end up being a good day. I got up at an insanely early hour this morning to make Gracie take a shower, so I could fix her hair. If I let her take a shower at night, her hair ends up being all over her head in the morning, and I can’t do a thing with it. Then, we go through the clothing argurment that we have every morning. No matter what I do, I can’t make that kid understand that she can not wear a dress every day. Especially now that it’s getting cold. After all that was over, I took Arien to daycare (she’s always happy in the morning, so I seldom have a problem with her), and went to take Gracie to school. Last week was their fall break, and I figured they would start back to school today. Every other school around here did, and the little calendar thing didn’t say anything about school being out today. But of course, there was no school today. You know, I was wondering how they were going to do all of those parent-teacher conferences and have school at the same time. I should’ve known, but I’m just ditzy like that sometimes. I’m not the only one who didn’t know, though. There were about 10 kids standing around outside, and ever now and then someone would pull up, get out, look around, and then leave. Maybe the school should have been a little more specific with their calendar. At about 9:30, someone from the daycare called and informed me that Arien was sick, and I needed to come get her. They didn’t tell me what was wrong with her on the phone or when I went to pick her up. I hate to tell the daycare people, but Arien is not sick. She’s been running around and having a big time since she got home. Sure, she has a runny nose, but that’s nothing unusual. Maybe they just got tired of wiping the snot off her face, I don’t know.And then, to top it all off, the toilet overflowed and got water and shit all over the bathroom. It took me about 45 minutes and every single towel I have to clean it up. Of course, that could’ve been avoided. I knew the toilet was messed up, and that I needed to work on it, but I figured I would do it later, and I cleaned the kitchen up first. I told Gracie not to flush it if she used it, because I had to work on it. Not flushing the toilet is usually not a problem for her. She never flushes. No matter how much I explain the importance of flushing to her, she just won’t do it. Until today, that is. It would have to be that the one time she remembers to flush is the one time that I specifically told her not to. It’s not her fault, though. I should’ve fixed the toilet first, but like I said before, I’m just stupid sometimes.I have to meet with Gracie’s teacher in about an hour. I’m just hoping that she won’t have anything bad to tell me!

“I still love you to death”

Don’t you just love it when people call you late at night and ask for a ride somewhere? And after you inform him that your kids are asleep, so you can’t go anywhere, he starts playing sad music in the background and saying “Damn” over and over again. Then, he asks you if you know anyone that can give him a ride. After a couple more minutes of silence, he informs you that he still loves you to death, and hangs up. I just love that. I used to be really close to this guy, and we would talk about nothing all night long when he called. Now, he only calls when he wants something, and that isn’t even often. I’m surprised he still remembers my number. Of course, that’s how things are with all of the people I used to hang out with. Need some money? Need a ride somewhere? Let’s call Sabrina, she’s too nice to say no. It doesn’t really bother me all that much, though. At least people still know I exist. I really need to get some sleep. I only got about 2 hours in last night, because I was working on a script I’m writing, and I couldn’t get it to work right. I never did get it fixed, and during what little sleep I actually got, I dreamed about mysql queries. I’m not going to work on it tonight (I really, really want to, though), so maybe I’ll be able to get some sleep. I need to be well rested for my first parent-teacher conference. I don’t want to make a bad impression on Gracie’s teacher, but with my luck, I probably will anyway.

Cute kid pic of the day