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I WILL finish this damn scarf!

Really, I will. Just not today. I had planned on getting it finished today, but the nastiness that is my bedroom was just begging to be cleaned. So, I cleaned it, and guess what – I actually have carpet on my floor! It hasn’t seen daylight in quite some time, though. I spend most of my time cleaning other parts of the house, and I just ignore my room. It’s not like anyone ever comes in here anyway.

I have to finish the scarf tomorrow and get to work on some Christmas gifts. I’m way behind, and at the rate I’ve been getting things done lately, I’m never going to finish in time. I can just see myself pulling an all-nighter on Christmas Eve trying to get that one last thing made.


Quack, quack, quack!

I worry about my kids sometimes. Arien is lying in bed beside me, quacking like a duck for no apparent reason. Anything to keep from going to sleep, I guess. She knows that if she falls asleep before I do, I’ll put her in her own bed, so she makes it a point to stay awake as long as possible.

I had an EEG done today. I swear, I hate those things. It’s not like they’re hard, all I have to do is lie there with some wires attached to my head, but it’s still awful. I can’t stand for anyone to touch my hair or my face, and they have to do both to attach the wires. Then, there’s the matter of the gel. It feels like they’re putting ape snot in my hair, and then it gets all crusty and white when it dries. It’s a good thing I didn’t have to stop anywhere on the way home.

My doc should have the results in a couple of days, then we’re going to decide if I need to start taking seizure meds again. I haven’t taken any since I found out I was pregnant with Gracie, and I had been doing good without them. I was only having one seizure per year or less, but I’ve had three this year. I wonder what’s causing that.

I finished half of my scarf last night. I could’ve had it done today, but I haven’t even picked up my hook. I’ve just been so busy. I’m planning on getting it all finished up tomorrow, then I’m going to start on some Christmas presents for the girls. I know I’m going to make them both Alphabet Pillows, and probably a scarf / hat set, too. I just wish I hadn’t waited until so close to Christmas to get started.