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All moved in

We’ve finally gotten most of our stuff in our new house. We’ve been here for just over a week, and we all love it. No more answering to my dad! It’s a great feeling, let me tell ya. And the fact that I paid for every bit of it myself makes it even better. I’ve still got quite a bit to unpack, but that shouldn’t take me too long.

I got a new job, too. It’s just fast food, but I love it. Everyone there is great, and I have just as much fun at work as I do at home.

I haven’t had much time to knit or anything else, but I have done a few rounds on my sockpal’s socks. And I just realized that I never posted that Crafty update from about 2 weeks ago. I’ve just been so darn busy! I like it that way, though.


And so it begins

I go to sign the lease on my apartment Thursday, and I should be able to start moving in Friday. I want to get out of here as fast as possible (sounds terrible, doesn’t it?), so I need to start packing now. I actually started on my room Friday, but I haven’t gotten anything but my stash packed. I’ve just been sitting here all day, waiting for a phone call that never came (why does he always do this to me?), and doing nothing.

I looked in the girls’ room and it hit me – we have a lot of stuff. So much that I’m not sure I can get it all packed by Friday. I have about a million loads of clothes to wash and sort. I’ll probably end up getting rid of at least half of the girls’ clothes. And the toys! I’m planning on getting rid of quite a bit of those, but I’ll have to get the kids out of the house first. Gracie’s in school, so that isn’t a problem, but I’m going to have to pawn Arien off on someone one day this week.

There’s a lot more clutter tha normal here right now, too. I’ve been shopping up a storm getting ready to get my own place. I haven’t lived on my own since JW and I split up 4 years ago, and what I didn’t leave behind, I ended up getting rid of. I had to buy everything again, and I’ve gotten most of it. I still need a couch and some curtains. The curtains will have to wait until I can measure the windows in the apartment, and I’m having a hell of time finding an affordable couch. I’m trying to talk my dad and stepmom out of that ugly brown love seat in the family room. Nobody ever sits on it anyway, But that still isn’t enough seating. I’ll come up with something, though. I always do.

More where that came from

How did I miss that April 1st was flash your stash day? It’s technically not the 1st anymore, but I’m joining in on this anyway.

saturday 006.jpg

This is nowhere near all of my stash, it’s just all that I could get to at the moment (there’s more yarn on its way to me, too). The rest is packed and ready to move. Yes, that’s right, MOVE! We’re finally getting a place of our own. Our apartment should be ready for us next weekend, and I’m so excited.

I have a good Crafty update for tomorrow, but I’m off to bed right now. I’ve got a date (sort of) in the morning.