Things to do today

1. Clean the kitchen. Done
2. Clean the bathroom. Done
3. Go through all the crap in my bedroom and get rid of most of it.  Done! Yay!
4. Find cables to old computer.
5. Fix that computer so I can sell it to my cousins.
6. Cast on for the mate to my German Flag sock.
7. Wash clothes. Started  Done
8. Do my sister’s taxes.

Update 2-7-07 8:30 AM: Wow. It took nearly all day to clean and rearrange my room, but I did it. I feel so much better now. I ended up getting more done than I thought I would, but I never did get any knitting time. I meant to post this update last night, but my internet was down and I couldn’t get a hold of customer service, so I just went to bed.

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